Places I Saw, People I Met

Lake Chamo

Hyppos in Lake Chamo

Sambade Salale in Gawwada

Interviewing Makurra Garmale in Gawwada

A kára káabana (“headrest of warriors”) (Photo: Sandro Tosco)

A Dhaasanac girl wearing the sílla in front of her house

Crocodiles in Lake Chamo

Lake Abaya (l.) and Lake Chamo (r.) from the road to Ch'ench'a

A Dhaasanac elder resting

Dhaasanac-land: a cow with hedh ("ear-nothc")

(Photo: Sandro Tosco)

Gawwada country

The school in Muts'e (Ongota country)

An Ongota man making a beehive

Hamer girls at the market place in Dimeka

SW Ethiopia (1996-2010)